We believe in building green.

Green building means designing and constructing homes in a way that reduces or eliminates negative impacts, and creates positive impacts on our precious natural environment. Green building means being a good steward of our natural resources and working to improving our quality of life.


We Are Certified Green Professionals™

When looking green, what should you look for? Builders who say they are ‘green’ should be certified by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) as a Certified Green Professional.

“The Certified Green Professional™ designation recognizes builders, remodelers and other industry professionals who incorporate green and sustainable building principles into homes — without driving up the cost of construction. ” - NAHB

A certified, trained, and experienced builder with knowledge of the green building process will ensure that your home is as ‘green’ as it can be. This means you’ll have a more efficient home that can save you money over time.

Financial Savings for YOU and Much More

Green built homes will save you money on your utility bills and provide more comfort for you and your family.

Incorporating environmental considerations, and resource efficiency into every step of the home building and land development process maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes environmental impact


Green Home Must Haves:


Energy Efficiency

Heating and cooling systems correctly sized, insulation, and appliances designed for efficiency and comfort – and lower energy bills.


Indoor Environmental Quality

Durable interior materials selected with the home buyer in mind like Low VOC paints, Low-E Windows and Doors, sealing air penetrations, and recycled content materials, providing better indoor air quality.


Water Efficiency

Fixtures and irrigation systems designed to use less water inside and out.


Environmentally Sound Lot & Site Development

Designed to reduce enviromental impact and promote a safe and sustainable neighborhood.


Resource Efficiency

Reduced construction wastes, jobsite recycling, and optimized use of natural resources.


Ready to build your efficient, green dream home in Coastal North Carolina?


Supporting local, certified green.

Robin is a Certified Green Professional™ as designated by the National Association of Home Builders, and every Horizon home is designed with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. This means working with trade partners to offer customers quality energy efficient and environmentally friendly options.

Learn more about the commitment to green building and the benefits for you and your home.


We strive to choose building products found locally or semi-locally to support our Cape Fear region and the North Carolina economy.

Plus, more than 75 percent of materials used are American made and all are durable, with style-driven accents, which create a lasting quality for our homeowners.